Does your horse business need Instagram?

Instagram has grown significantly in the social media space. As a small business, you may feel pressure to keep up with competitors and have an Instagram account. However, although Instagram is a great tool to keep your customers updated, it might not be right for every business. 35.8% of the Australian population use Instagram which…

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social media

New updates to social media platforms amidst COVID-19

Its never been a more vital time to stay up to date with the changes happening on social media. Social media is one of the most valuable tools to equestrian businesses during COVID-19, helping us stay connected with our customers and even keeping our businesses ticking over. Both Facebook and Instagram have implemented big changes…

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Should you change your social media strategy during COVID-19?

Nationwide lockdowns have caused social media use to surge. With people spending more time at home, they are naturally turning to social media to relieve their boredom. How and when we use social media has dramatically changed in the last few weeks. Consequently, equine businesses social media strategy should be adapted to reflect the changing…

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The lifeline equine businesses need during the Covid-19 crisis

Australia is on the brink of a nationwide lockdown and it seems that every day the government is making new updates to closing non-essential services. Without a physical location, your equine businesses online presence is no longer a luxury but a lifeline for survival.  If you can no longer operate your business locally or you…

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digital presence

Covid-19: Your digital presence has never been more important

Australia is on the brink of a nationwide lockdown. Every day the government is making new updates, including closing all non-essential services. So, where does this leave your business? At Show Pony Graphics we believe that we can find a way for most businesses to continue running. During this uneasy time, we are going to…

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Crisis Management for Your Horse Business

With the impending Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak causing mass self-isolation, quarantines and event closures we are all concerned. Not only for the welfare of our health but also for our small businesses. All major equestrian events have been cancelled including Sydney’s Royal Easter Show and Victoria’s Jumping with the stars, with many more unlikely to go…

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Facebook dynamic ads

Facebook Ads Just Got Personal

Have you heard of machine learning? Well, this advancement in technology is changing the marketing game, and Facebook have just implemented it. Machine learning is now used to improve Facebook dynamic ads. Delivering a tailored ad experience to each user. What is machine learning? Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. Fundamentally, it’s when…

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